• UKHAS - The UK High Altitude Society. People who are interested in launching unmanned high altitude balloons into near space.
  • HABHUB - habhub is the home of high altitude ballooning tools from UKHAS. habitat, the CouchDB-based tracking system, as well as several other tools are based here.
  • Tomas TT7 HABs - A good place to learn to do things well.
  • Leo Bodnar HABs - The man who opened the Pandora's Box.
  • FOSSA SYSTEMS - A non-profit juvenile association which is developing one of the smallest satellites ever made.
  • WINDY - Weather radar, wind and waves forecast for kiters, surfers, paragliders, pilots, sailors and anyone else. 
  • ACCUWEATHER - Long-term forecast, very useful to decide the better days to request a balloon launch permit.
  • SAT24 - Visual and infrared weather satellite photos
  • SKYVECTOR - Charts, Airways for visual and instrumental traffic information.
  • FLIGHT RADAR 24 - Live Air Traffic Information.
  • INSIGNIA -To know which Spanish air space Areas Prohibited, Resticted and Dangerous are activated.

in Memoriam Doctor Paul H. Dear

I am the Founder, Sponsor and Chief Optimist of the N-Prize.
The N-Prize is an international aerospace competition, which challenges entrants to be the first amateurs to launch a pico-satellite (a minute satellite) into low-earth orbit on a shoestring budget, in exchange for an equally minute cash prize.
The intent is to stimulate creativity; to quote Ernest Rutherford, "Gentlemen, we haven't got the money so we will have to think!"

Doctor Paul Dear

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